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Sen. Rubio at CPAC 2014 (Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

Iraq War Three?

Florida lawmakers are weighing how to provide assistance to Iraqi officials who need help combating a powerful Islamist militia. Unlike many Democrats, Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) voted to authorize the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He says he was misled by the Bush Administration leading up to that war. But now, as unrest increases and the [...]

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says the voter I.D. law is unnecessary

VA Voter I.D. Law Reminds Some of Jim Crow Days

A controversial voter I.D. law that just passed the Virginia state Senate is turning heads in the nation’s capital, because it reminds Democrats of the Jim Crow days.

In Des Moines, Iowa precinct captains count the caucus votes ahead of Mitt Romney's 8 vote victory. Photo by Matt Laslo

Will retail campaigning win the day in Iowa?

Millions of dollars was spent on the Iowa caucuses, but voters report that some of the candidates spent their money and time more wisely than the others. And in the end voters recall that a handshake and a minute of a candidate’s time still has the luster it always has.

Campaigns are tracking your movements and interests on the Internet, which has consumer groups up in arms. Image courtesy of C and E

Like It or Not, You’re Being Tracked

Political campaigns have tapped into the growing field of behavioral marketing on the Internet. That means politicians are now tracking you online and, in a sense, coming into your home to deliver hand crafted ads on your computer. Consumer groups say that’s terrifying, yet they still haven’t made any legislative headway.

Sen. Murray and the other committee members listen to a witness at their first public hearing.  Photo by Matt Laslo

Super Committee Getting Lobbied from Every Angle

The nation’s financial future rests in the hands of 12 lawmakers and they’re being lobbied by diverse groups who want to make an imprint on their final product. Pundits and many lawmakers are betting they fail. In spite of the difficult task ahead, co-chair Patty Murray is remaining optimistic.

Lawmakers speak with reporters after the president's address to a joint chamber of Congress. Photo by Matt Laslo

Obama’s Jobs Bill Dropped on Divided Congress

President Obama is calling on Congress to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy but Sacramento area lawmakers are starkly divided over whether his plan can spur economic growth in California. With Republicans dubious of the proposal it’s likelihood of passage is in doubt.

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