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Image: Olivier Jeannin/Flickr

In Congress, Road to Funding Highways Jammed

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The federal pot of money preserving local roads and bridges may soon be empty, yet lawmakers on Capitol Hill are miles apart on a solution. Not only local infrastructure but the overall economy is sure to feel the impact. While increasingly fuel-efficient cars and trucks are easier on the wallet and the [...]

South Florida at projection of 4-foot sea-level rise - Image: NOAA

Rubio Scoffs at New Environmental Regulations

The White House is painting a dire picture for every region in the nation, especially South Florida, if action isn’t taken to combat climate change. Some of the state’s Republican lawmakers still are not buying it. Things will not be pretty if the latest White House climate assessment is right. You can expect intensified storms [...]

Virginia Voters pick Outsiders to Represent Them

Virginia Voters pick Outsiders to Represent Them

Accusations are flying in Virginia’s gubernatorial contest about whether someone born outside of the commonwealth is well suited to serve the state. Upon flipping through some records, Capitol Hill reporter Matt Laslo found that Virginians aren’t really wedded to the idea of being represented by native sons – or daughters.

Sen. Murray and the other committee members listen to a witness at their first public hearing.  Photo by Matt Laslo

Super Committee Getting Lobbied from Every Angle

The nation’s financial future rests in the hands of 12 lawmakers and they’re being lobbied by diverse groups who want to make an imprint on their final product. Pundits and many lawmakers are betting they fail. In spite of the difficult task ahead, co-chair Patty Murray is remaining optimistic.

Lawmakers speak with reporters after the president's address to a joint chamber of Congress. Photo by Matt Laslo

Obama’s Jobs Bill Dropped on Divided Congress

President Obama is calling on Congress to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy but Sacramento area lawmakers are starkly divided over whether his plan can spur economic growth in California. With Republicans dubious of the proposal it’s likelihood of passage is in doubt.

FEMA’s Cash Running Low as the North East Recovers

FEMA’s Cash Running Low as the North East Recovers

As communities throughout the north east are still recovering from Hurricane Irene, lawmakers on Capitol are fighting over how to pay for the emergency funding. The gridlock has left projects idled across the U.S. because the Federal Emergency Management Agency is low on funds.