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The Houston Gun Show. Photo by M. Glasgow.

Capitol Hill Conspicuously Silent In Gun Debate

Only a few lawmakers on Capitol Hill are floating ideas to tighten U.S. gun laws after the mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado and at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Critics say much like after the shooting at Virginia Tech the efforts are going nowhere because of the powerful National Rifle Association.

Number four trots along a dirt track at Baltimore's Pimlico in front of an empty grandstand in the Spring.

Dollars over Horse’s Health? An exploration of Tracks Used in U.S. Racing

Critics say dirt race tracks are more harmful for horses than the new generation of synthetic race tracks. But synthetics aren’t taking off in America’s broke horse racing industry. It’s not all dollars and cents though. Another reason synthetics haven’t caught on in the U.S. is cultural.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says the voter I.D. law is unnecessary

VA Voter I.D. Law Reminds Some of Jim Crow Days

A controversial voter I.D. law that just passed the Virginia state Senate is turning heads in the nation’s capital, because it reminds Democrats of the Jim Crow days.

In Des Moines, Iowa precinct captains count the caucus votes ahead of Mitt Romney's 8 vote victory. Photo by Matt Laslo

Will retail campaigning win the day in Iowa?

Millions of dollars was spent on the Iowa caucuses, but voters report that some of the candidates spent their money and time more wisely than the others. And in the end voters recall that a handshake and a minute of a candidate’s time still has the luster it always has.

Campaigns are tracking your movements and interests on the Internet, which has consumer groups up in arms. Image courtesy of C and E

Like It or Not, You’re Being Tracked

Political campaigns have tapped into the growing field of behavioral marketing on the Internet. That means politicians are now tracking you online and, in a sense, coming into your home to deliver hand crafted ads on your computer. Consumer groups say that’s terrifying, yet they still haven’t made any legislative headway.

Rep. Cynthia Lummis and other House Republicans have aggressively sought to unwind federal regulations in the 112th Congress.

Fracking Compounds Found in Wyoming Water

This year Republicans in Congress, including members of Wyoming’s congressional delegation, have aggressively attempted to unwind clean water and air standards. This as the EPA recently released a report that fracking compounds showed up in tap water in Pavillion, Wyoming. That report has environmentalists saying it’s time to reassess the debate in Washington.

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